Hypex Ultra - Women's
Hypex Ultra - Women's
Hypex Ultra - Women's
Hypex Ultra - Women's
Hypex Ultra - Women's
Hypex Ultra - Women's
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Tech Specs

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  • HYPEX construction utilises careful panel architecture to increase the neoprene elongation and stability with no compromise to the stretch. This allows for the enhanced flexibility of the wetsuit.
  • Hypex Ultra combines extreme flexibility with a neutral buoyancy profile to unlock the ultimate unrestricted, natural swim feeling.
  • YAMAMOTO 40 neoprene is used to provide the unparalleled flexibility of the wetsuit.
  • Thin 1.5mm neoprene around the arms and torso is incorporated to provide total freedom of movement and an unimpeded range of motion throughout your stroke allowing you to maximise your overall performance.
  • 3mm neoprene panels on the front of the upper body keeps your body high in the water to increase swim speed.
  • CORE COMPRESSION provides a tight and supported fit around your core and hips to improve your body position and reduce drag.
  • REVERSE ZIP closure system, featuring a reverse-pull YKK zipper and a durable strap, offers a convenient and efficient on/off process to save you valuable time in transition.
  • QUICK TRANSITION CUFFS also feature to allow fast removal of the wetsuit.
  • CUSTOMISABLE CUFF LENGTH is featured in this wetsuit which allows you to customise the legs and arms of your wetsuit to your desired cuff length. This is thanks to an easy 'do it yourself' system, made possible by our tear-resistant material.
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Shepperton Open Water Swim TW179HL

Shepperton Splash TW17OQQ 

Head Over To One Of Our Venues & Test The Suit Or Suits Out In The Water To Make Sure You Find The Right Wetsuit & Fit For You.
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True Neutral


Hypex Ultra Is Truly Revolutionary. The Combination Of High Stretch Yamamoto 40 Neoprene & Carefully Selected Panel Construction Allows The Suit To Achieve Neutral Buoyancy! This Means No More Arching Your Back & Straining Your Neck When Siting Due To Super Buoyant Chest Panels & Leg Panel Designs On Other Wetsuits. In The Hypex Ultra You Experience Perfect Levels Of Support Combined WIth Maximal Flexibility. 

Oh, And Did We Mention...

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Customise The Length Of My Wetsuit?

The cuffs are designed so that they can be cut to size for the user. Do not cut above the third stopper. This process can be done with scissors ✂️ If you are not confident enough to complete this process we offer a tailoring service at our lake venues.

How Do I Know If I Need Neutral Buoyancy ?

The majority of swimmers can be split into two catagories. Floaters and Sinkers 🤭

In general, a lot of female swimmers require a wetsuit with neutral buoyancy due to their physical make up whereas a lot of male swimmers require a wetsuit with additional buoyancy. If you are someone that floats easily without a wetsuit when swimming in fresh water it is suggested to opt for a neutral buoyancy wetsuit as suits aimed towards increasing buoyancy can increase lift too much and make it difficult to swim.

How Do I Tell If My Current Wetsuit Is Wrong For Me ?

We live in a world 🌍 that needs protecting from excessive landfill usage and pollution. Therefore its important to us that our customers are not throwing away a perfectly good wetsuit!

Damage - Its time to replace your wetsuit when damage is excessive and cannot be fixed! Fingernail tears are cosmetic damage and can be repaired (Please contact us if you need a repair)

Unfortunately, sometimes customers have bought a wetsuit that doesn't fit correctly or is the wrong buoyancy profile for them. If you are experiencing back ache, high chaff on the neck and excessive water ingress it is likely that you have a wetsuit that is too buoyant for you

Can I Use This Wetsuit To Race In?

Absolutely! In fact we recommend it and would love for you to share your race photos with us for our website & social media channels.

How Do I Look After My Wetsuit ?

Wetsuit maintenance is incredibly important to prolonging the life expectancy of your suit! Below are some rules to live by :

  • Rinse your wetsuit off after use, especially after swimming in the ocean 🌊 or outdoor chlorinated pools.
  • Turn your wetsuit inside out to dry Hang on a thick hanger - no wire hangers allowed ⛔️ 
  •  Repair fingernail tears when they appear 
Do Not's
  • Do not leave your wetsuit to dry in direct sunlight. UV light degrades neoprene overtime. 
  • Do not leave your new beauty of a suit on the hood of your car to dry (especially in summer) The extreme heat can impact the glue sealant used. Customers also seem prone to driving away with their suit still drying on the vehicle and never see it again! 🚘 
  •  Do Not Wash Or Tumble Dry Warning ⛔️ 
  • Do not lend your new suit to an unreliable friend, you wont get it back.